The latest on gun registration in Oregon

From a state senator:


All of you were interested in the background check bills thus you are getting this alert.


SB 941 was passed and signed by the Governor.  However, to get the votes in the Oregon House there were some deals by the Democrats.  Representative Clem and others wanted changes to SB 941.  Democrat leadership agreed to these changed but they were to be placed in HB 3093 or SB 315.


Now the shenanigans begin.  Senator Prozanski did not agree to the exact changes so the deal is off for the moment.  However, if you care, you need to be sending emails and messages to Speaker Kotek, House Majority Leader Hoyle, President Courntey and Senate Majority Leader Rosenbaum.  All Democrats.


HB 3093 was the CHL reciprocity bill.  Again, Senator Prozanski amended it when it got the Senate Judiciary Committee.  It is a complete sham.  According to Legislative Counsel in writing on June 11, 2015, Legislative Counsel said “we cannot identify a state in which a person who qualifies for a concealed hand gun license or permit in another state would unequivocally qualify for a hand gun license under” Oregon law.  This was after a review of all the laws of the other 49 states. 


HB 3093 is waiting a Senate Floor vote on Monday.  Suggest you contact President Peter Courntey to demand the sham be corrected.


SB 315 is even worse.  This is an old virtually unknown Oregon law called the Register of Used Firearms.  It requires the transfer of all used firearms to be registered with local law enforcement.  My amendments on OLIS were rejected.  The actual form is online in OLIS:


SB 315 was used to attempt to finalize the Representative Clem deal on SB 941.  Unfortunately, it leaves ORS 166.427 in place meaning every new background check under SB 941 will be registered with local law enforcement.  Since private sales and transfers will now go through a FFL as a transfer they will be required to fill out the entire registration form created by the Oregon State Police then give to the local police or sheriff within 24 hours.  In fact, it may require both the seller and buyer of the private sale to have a form submitted.  Recall, under SB 941, once the OSP approves the background check, the FFL must enter the firearm onto their FFL log book as an incoming transfer, and then enter the outgoing firearm information in their ATF logbook.  In short, a trade in and a trade out.  Since this will be a business transaction, at least three triggers happen under ORS 166.427 requiring the register of the used firearm; transfer, trade, and business transaction.


Suggest you email the House Rules Committee Chairwoman Hoyle and Speaker KotekKotekT@leg.state.or.usdemanding the full repeal of gun registration under ORS 166.427.


You may get some “bullshit” excuse about needing to track stolen firearms or felon attempts but this responsibility has been fully assumed by the Oregon State Police under SB 941.  OSP is now required to act themselves, and contact local law enforcement under SB 941 etc. 


Lastly, remember all those Democrats who claimed SB 941 was not gun registration?  That is now a lie !!!


Act now or expect full used firearm registration to remain the law in Oregon.




Brian Boquist

State Senator


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